joy of seeing through green eyewear




For ages now, we have been taking our mother nature for granted. We have been using abusing the generous resources for not only the essential life sustaining need, but also for our greed ..Mother nature has been giving all the signals to take care  and preserve her but we  have been ignoring it very conveniently resulting all the drastic environment changes and calamity.

But it’s high time we strategically take measures and work towards preserving the Mother Nature in every possible way.

Few days back I attended an art n environment exhibition n symposium where a senior scholar on dice refused to accept the floral welcome bouquet because it was surface decorated with plastic sheet.

Yes! This is the kind of consciousness needed for the hope of saving our earth and life!!


As an educated and aware individual this cause is very close to my being and was totally amazed and inquisitive when I was invited  for a launch of NAU – country’s first green eye wear, on the onset of second store launch by the company at  the prestigious Ambiance mall at Gurgaon region.

oh! I was so so excited to attend but also was wondering if the product would be boring and plain and will be able to compete with all shiny things already in  the market?

Well,  all my doubts took a back seat the moment I got the first look of the eco-friendly, colorful, funky, limited-edition yet affordable high fashion, comfortable long-lasting green eye wear collection, which is made of 96% recycled plastic material and is in line with company’s commitment towards protecting the environment.




At the Launch Ms Monika Salvestrin, Creative Director was very enthusiastic about the customer’s response In India .she mentioned that her brand is already been appreciated for its design which includes latest shapes and colors of latest trends of the Italian fashion eyewear. She also emphasized that they will be coming out with a fresh collection in every 2 weeks.All design are limited -edition hence exclusive yet affordable ,all in tune to their environment commitment and soon will be launching contact lenses that have hyaluronic gel.hence its going to be fusion of style and comfort.



Mr. Vaibhav Sharma, India operations and Strategy Head- Nau! & Director at Trinity Group  said he is very optimistic about the Indian market and believes that they can offer the best products to meet the needs of the Indian Population, for him fashion is not just about style but also conscience and a shared responsibility. Since the launch, they have been able to do some tremendous work on the customer experience front and remain committed towards the same.


Mr. FabrizioBrogi President and Founder of NAU added that since their partnership with Trinity group three months ago, he has been really impressed by  the enthusiasm and their passion in practice, and also by  a market with a great potential and positive response of the customer  makes him confident, of a very fruitful present and future together.


Photo credits- Parej Kumar C

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