filmy cafe by the house of Deez

After a long tiring day, I reached at the newly open cafe and bar, based on a (now very common) theme- Hollywood and Bollywood at the heart of city Connaught place,right in the PVR Plaza building –the Filmy Café by the house of Deez.


Welcomed by smiling faces I found interiors to be rather interesting with walls adorned with Bollywood posters with famous dialogues, which was fun to read. A small compact L shaped space with peppy music, made me wish for a dance floor as it was bit loud for that kind of a space.

Menu was extensive with usual selection of starter, pizzas and burgers. We quite liked the Oreo n chocolate shakes .Mango Shake was also brilliant. Paneer tikka was great in flavor and grilled just the right way to my liking. Nachos served with the sour cream was just about OK, it would have had been excellent with more generous topping. Though I enjoyed vegetable salt and pepper and green pesto paneer burgers but found the bun to be a little hard.  Chilly mushrooms were a bit dry whereas chilly potato were well prepared and very tasteful.


Overall good, but nothing  new exciting, or experimental, only if they check and make their menu a little innovative, and come out with some signature dishes, this cosy place will be a great hangout..


My rating

Décor : 5/5          Hospitality : 5/5             Food : 3.5/5         Location : 4.5/5

hoto credits – Pradeep Chamaria




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