Barcelos -I love Peri Peri

Come winter, and the town buzzes with never ending events, celebration is the only motto- be it art and culture, fashion, carnivals, launch of restaurants, new menus, or food festivals. One of such Peri Peri chicken foodie event was organised by Barcelos at khan market Delhi.


As we all know that this South African restaurant, with cosy cafeteria kind of ambiance created waves by introducing different colored and flavored burgers. Which they have been serving with their peri peri sauces. This time it was grilled chicken.

Lets talk about food:

We ordered a cheese cake shake which had a thick creamy texture and was absolutely divine. Next on our table was variants of Chicken dishes, which totally satisfied my taste bud. They have kept their presentation simple and neat with focus on the main dish –the chicken in the platter.Actually today we just savored the flame grilled chicken variants, for which I am game any day. Just to enlighten- The Peri Peri term is derived from Swahili word Pili Pili- it conveys peppery /spicy chili that is so app for Indian taste buds.



Barcelos offers Mild Peri, Veri Peri or Supa Peri versions of the dish, and you can order as per your preference to the spiciness. They are also very particular as they mentioned, to marinate it for 24 hrs, for a real taste experience.

I ordered very Peri chicken and enjoyed the flavours in every bite of it. My chicken was open flame grilled and I thoroughly relished it for the strength of it’s flavour and amazing sauces, moisture was in perfect balance and when we opend it ,interestingly ,was full of smoke. It was very healthy yet tasty option, as was devoid of any rich oily and greasy curry- high on chicken quotient- absolutely brilliant.
So to all my health conscious readers (or not so conscious) who are hard core chicken lovers, and don’t care to compromise on taste, Barcelos is the must stop over when around  the Khan Market.


My Rating :

Décor : 4/5          Hospitality : 4.5/5             Food : 4.5/5         Location : 4.5/5

foto credits :Pradeep Chamaria

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