Chai Per Charcha-Bagh Bakri Tea Lounge

Food lovers and enthusiasts are returning to their long lost love, Connaught Place. Adding to the fun and fervour is the recent addition on the L block, Bagh Bakri Tea Lounge. Designed simple and basic, with no WiFi, the place is all set to satiate your need of tea –regular Masala tea to Exotic innovations. This is a fourth tea lounge-a venture by Bagh Bakri tea The cafe is located just next to Haldiram, at L block. It is a perfect place to explore for all tea lover.



We witnessed the launch this week. We were welcomed with the Pink Lady, a watermelon and tea Mock-tail with Watermelon chunks as topping, perfect blend of flavours. As soon as you enter the place, you notice the elements that speak about it casualness. Simple, Functional, yet lively are just the few words to describe its ambiance. The seating arrangement is also pretty simple and will appeal to the no-fuss you.

Let’s talk about food :

First of all we were served  with the lemon grass tea ,which is good for health and had a  very sharp flavour .Next was Pink Lady –tea infused with watermelon essence and chunks, I liked its mild flavour .


All those who are looking out for homemade Potato subji in bun should order baked vada pav-it just didn’t work for my taste buds.

Next was litchi tea –again a Mocktail -tea and Litchi essence –Nice. we also ordered Achari Panner tikka sandwich – the minimal filling made it little dry for my palate .

Whereas mushroom Focaccia was kind of better than other eats, with mushroom cheese and veg filling. Service was quite poor And we have to constantly remind of our order –very bugging! My favourite was Maristar tea –tea with infusion of fresh marigold petalsIMG_0171




Over all if you are looking for some innovative variety of  good tea ,this affordable cafe is the place to be.

 DECOR : 3/5          HOSPITALITY : 2/5             FOOD : 3/5      Tea : 4/5       LOCATION : 4.5/5
 Where :
H Block, 1st Floor, Connaught Place, Delhi
cost for two:500/-

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