Coffee flavours at Dunkin’Donuts!

I am more than coffee lover –a coffee addict I suppose, coffee works as creative fuel for me .so when  even though a bit surprised as received an invitation for coffee workshop to define new coffee flavors by Dunkin’Donuts- a place for all, synonymous with donuts, I promptly accepted.


I reached a little late ( owing to my upcoming project and famous Delhi traffic) and missed the first presentation ,which means missing the   Bangalore Start-up coffee,but thanks to the event managers it was made sure that I get to taste it.


So the first sip of Banglore Start-up coffee tasted more like a regular south Indian filter  coffee.It is Brewed with 100% Arabica roast coffee beans in boiling hot milk, this coffee  made me nostalgic as I recalled the taste and time when my affair with coffee started.



Second serve was Tough Guy Cappuccino, well this one is not for non-alcoholic folks.  As the name suggests, this is the triple shot of dark roast espresso with a tint of brandy. At the end when the chef asked everyone “have you had the Tough Guy?” it was kind of amusing!



Then came the Therapeutic Cappuccino. With richness of chocolate, cinnamon powder and dressing of whipped cream, it was not only the best looking coffee but one of the best coffee I have ever tasted served in red cup leaves you greedy for another cup, and it satisfy your urge for a dessert.




The last one was Dunkin’ Black Coffee. Though it’s only once in a while I go for black coffee this did not taste like traditional black coffee as they mellowed it with a slice of lemon. It is good for die hard black coffee lovers who wish for a milder avatar of the same. Well, not worth a shot  for me, especially after the divine Therapeutic Cappuccino.


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