the Asian food to die for-OH !BAO

It was beautiful winter afternoon and I was really looking forward to  my meal at Oh!Bao , I have relished Bao in Hongkong ,hence was really excited to experience it in India for the first time.

I reached the joint a little late, as the cab driver didn’t know the way ,and he conveniently avoided the route I knew, resulting a annoyed me.

As I stepped into this little quaint space, a part of famous Moets, my irritation was instantly transformed into calmness. The ambience was very inviting. Decor and lighting were perfect for an Asian restaurant. I fell in love with the place for its countryside feel of interiors.


I chose a quiet corner as suggested by the host to experiment and enjoy the authentic, Chinese, Thai and Japanese food.


Let’s talk about Food:


My meal started with absolutely healthy n tasty Burnt garlic clear soup, with loads of green veggies –Asparagus, Broccoli and had a strong garlic flavour –nice but I was more interested to dig into Bao, and that very moment I was served with Tofu katsu Bao, which was a soft yeasty bread which wraps the delicious goodness of tofu patty, the classic with mayonnaise, spring onion and lettuce. It was a contemporary take on Oriental in a very good way! next were Dimsums –the Trio Mushroom  dumplings, with the filling of three types of Mushrooms, and Crystal veg dumpling had veg filling ,both  were made delicately, thinly wrapped with dough. These were perfect to gorge on, they were light, excellent option for weight watchers, and I can never get enough!



I also   tried two variants of Sushi- Veg tempura roll And Asparagus Roll-These veg Sushi were a refreshing mix of Asparagus, cucumber, and vegetables – a lovely explosion of flavours, absolutely loved it!




Kiwi muddle the Mocktail with chunks of kiwi enhanced the whole experience.




Well! For the main course, Red Thai curry with Steamed sticky rice was tangy aromatic absolutely delicious with perfect balance of flavours and not too heavy on stomach. More than perfectly made Udon noodles- traditional dish, symbolizing longevity. Was absolutely yummy. Again with lots of veggie, hence colorful, nutritious and filling- a complete whole some dish. We were also served with Stir fried Chinese green with strong garlic flavor, this healthy vegetables perfectly complemented the meal.



All in all a great meal- authentic tasty and tempting Asian delicacies, designed by Chef Saurav.

A place Where All the Sushi lovers and the Asian, experiment food lovers will find themselves again and again and again..!


Cost- Meal for two,1500/- approx.
Where-50, Defence Colony Market, Defence Colony, New Delhi



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