Theme restaurant-The Addams House

Wow! Another one that too based on one of the famous cartoon series Adams house was my first reaction, when I got the invite to attend the prelaunch of the new restro-pub at the famous 29 sector Gurgaon which already is a hub of restro-bars and lounges.


in spite of the interiors work still going on, I was impressed by the super crazy interiors which was creating the right ambiance and energies, true to its theme- dim lights, pendent lanterns, huge Addams family mural highlighting the theme. The feel of the place was spooky yet inviting, also enhancing the theme was a cartoon series photos on the walls as you go up stairs to the terrace. The bar right in front was amazingly done with glasses on the wall and open brewery though not operational yet. The colour scheme of the place is essentially red grey and black and rather large windows were, again adding to the theme of the place. The red coloured sofas were ultra-comfy for an ultimate dining experience. I also was intrigued by the corner book shelves and souvenir shelves.




Let’s talk about the food:


The moment I made myself comfortable on the bright red colour sofa (a semi private corner) I was served with, Herbed crusted paneer tikka which was  mildly marinated, charcoal grilled and was soft and top loaded with roasted coriander and cumin powder. Making it super flavoursome. Next was nut and bolt, roasted, spicy, herbed and salted nuts with an interesting plating.It was followed by  super delicious, tricolored veg tic tac  tacos,with the filling of vegetable and cheese- a great bite, served with sour creame- yummy! I loved it so much that a ordered for a second serving.



I also tried mocktails, like Inky Pinky Ponky, Colonial Hanover, Planet of the grapes,Newton’s tonic-well interesting names .



Now It was time for the main course we were served with –Give me red, interesting presentation with equally interesting flavours. This burger was the star of the meal with spicy beetroot kabab patty ,mint Mango, dry peanut chutney ,cheddar ,lettuce, tomato and onions, which tantalise your taste buds, it was complimented by Cajun Fries and veg salad- a complete meal in itself, this was followed by Three things –baby corn coated with rich three variety of cheese and deep fried. Corrupted margarita- a thin crust Pizza, topped with tomato mozzarella and basil was again to die for. Next was Grilled vegetable Stack an interesting Dish served on the bed of creamy saffron polento, ratatoville, and creamy pesto with balsamic drizzle. By now I was more than done but could not resist to bite into Forest Fire a garlic spinach fettuccine with wild mushroom, baby corn and broccoli in creame, this was delicious too.




Over all, great ambiance revolving around the  theme, great lip smacking and mouth-watering dishes, the kind of place I  like to back again and again.


Cost for two- 1500/-

Where- 29 sector Gurgaon.


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