fine dining and royal treatment at Zerruco

Zerruco located at the Hotel Ashok premises is rather large spaced restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. I had attended and relished absolutely delicious food in  a private party here before, so with high expectations, I headed for an lunch meet up at this fine dining restaurant, specializing in Mediterranean and Italian food.



And guess what! There was a red carpet at the entrance that instantly makes you feel leaded us to an outdoor setting of sofa and glass top tables with huge chandeliers-very elite indeed. Though we wanted to lunch outdoor but owing to strong sun I decided otherwise. Indoor was very spacious and very tastefully done .with a big spacious bar .the feel of the place was royal. And I knew I am in for a grand treat!

Let’s talk about food:

As soon as we made ourselves comfortable at the center corner table, we were served with tomato, cucumber and garlic cold soup with interesting was nice and refreshing, it was followed by the bread basket with three amazing dips.




Next we were served with mocktails –Orange blossom, this citrus drink with pretty presentation and with mild peach and distinct orange flavour, was quite good and refreshing .Next was Rosemary cider -again a fizzy citrus with hint of apple juice, it was a good-looking drink with rosemary stem and fragrance. These both were perfect mocktails for a summer afternoon.



I quite liked the Tropical blossom the best which was kinda of a milkshake, with fruity flavors essentially peach and mango. We also tried couple of salads like, Beetroot with goat cheese and caramelized walnut- tender beetroot and green apple slices with loads of white color goat cheese and garnished with caramelized walnut. The presentation was like an art work, and it was a real treat to the taste buds –it satisfied my eye tongue and soul. Next salad we dug into was asparagus and orange, which was fresh and light –a combo of asparagus and orange segments mixed with lettuce, was again quite appealing to eyes.



The first appetizer we tried was rather interesting combination  of deep fried cheese fingers with cranberry sauce this French brie with cranberry sauce were crisp from outside and soft from inside, and the cranberry sauce  was taking them to another level- we  surely loved the twist.





Next we were served was Mediterranean falafel- pita bread served with falafel and hummus-magical mouth-watering aroma and right texture was the highlight of this dish.



We were also serve with Wood fired oven pizza it was oven roasted and topped with seasonal grilled veggies. This Ortolana pizza was attractive and inviting and nicely grilled. The base was crunchy and was topped with cheese, flavours were enhance by the herbs like oregano and rosemary.  I was mesmerized the way huge sized Calzone was served, it was sliced live right on the table by the efficient waiter. I relished the stuffed ricotta, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese spinach.



For the main course we were served vegetable tagine-the thick spicy vegetable gravy was rich n this dish was all about classical flavors. This veg stew was mixed with olives and was served with cous cous which complimented it well. Now it was time for the show stopper- the Home made ricotta ravioli -yes ladies and gentlemen, this homemade pasta with spinach and cheese and served with white sauce alone can bring me back here every second day.



Now it was my favorite time of the meal –dessert time! As I was getting late for a meeting so I requested to serve it fast or I had to skip. And believe me all the three desserts were served in five minutes time straight, result super happy me! (This will give you an idea the kind of hospitality we were pampered with).first dessert I tried was homemade tiramisu served in a large sizes wine glass was creamy and mild in flavor. Next was banoffee pie was beautifully plated and very flavorsome. Chocolate decadence was a sinful indulgence of dark Choco moist cake served with vanilla ice-cream. The dark, strong and rich flavor of chocolate was as good as it gets.




It was a real gourmet fiesta-an experience of perfect ambiance, hospitality and great food. I will cherish this indulgence, for a long time, and I can promise you if you visit Zerruco(that you must) the super courteous and efficient staff, will make sure that you enjoy your time and meal to the fullest.

cost for two:INR 2500/-
where: 50-B, Inside The Ashok Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri,                     New Delhi, Delhi 110021



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