imarble by Qutone-dream product for builders an interior designers

After a basic layout, while you doing interiors of your home/office/or any space, the most important consideration is picking the right product with design, innovation affordability and quality. The latest launch I marble by Qutone Ceramic scores big on all. It’s hard not to be impressed by the innovative color and design for your interiors. Beautiful I marble is right choice for your walls ceiling flooring.

Vibrant  colors and designs makes it good for any design concept.




“i marble”- an exquisite, never seen before range was unveiled by Mr Manoj  Agarwal-C.M.D Qutone (a company which is already creating waves) along with all the esteemed Directors were completely elated and proud to be unveiling the collection which is all set to revolutionize the Indian tile industry and are honored to be partnering the Prime Minister’s “Make in India” initiative. The company will be manufacturing the product line at Asia’s first of its kind, state-of-the-art plant using European technology based at Gujarat. Actor Anil Kapoor and Actress Yami Gautam graced the occasion and were announced the “Global Brand Ambassadors” for Qutone. Directors present at the launch comprised of  Mr.Sunil Manglunia – M.D, Rajeev Adhlaka – M.D.


Mr. Manoj Agarwal – C.M.D., Qutone expressed his exhilaration and said,  “Our primary aim at Qutone is to launch new products at regular intervals and offer the consumer a vast and technologically sound product range and this time with “imarble” we have actually outdone ourselves by creating a product which has set high benchmarks in terms of Design, Size & Innovation and Save our Environment.”


Mr.Sunil Manglunia – Managing Director, Qutone added, “We are confident of the quick and high demand our product range is going to create not only in India but internationally too. Resultant, there will be a gradual decrease in imports and increase in exports”.


Actor Anil Kapoor who is very selective about the brands he endorses adds,  “It feels great to be part of the Qutone family and I only give my confirmation on any brand when I am confident endorsing it. Team Qutone have smartly collaborated European Technology with Indian warmth and the result is this beautifulcollection. “




Actress Yami Gautam who is in complete awe of the products, exclaims, “I love decorating my house and when I was introduced to the world of Qutone, I instantly wanted to use almost all their products as they are so beautiful, maintenance free and cost effective at the same time.”


let’s talk about imarble


The entire range of “imarble” was interestingly showcased with their USP being their size of 8 ft. (height) X 4 ft. (width).The range is easy on maintenance and hence easy to use. All products have zero resin filled patches with smooth finish, is very sturdy and is recommended for high traffic areas.

The slabs are magnificently huge in size and reduce any possibility of wastage while installation.

The mammoth size adds grandeur to any surface application and the extremely lightweight products make it an ideal choice for kitchen counter tops, floors, wall claddings amongst others.All the slabs have water absorption of less than 0.03%, ensuring the surface remains 100% moisture free, evading the growth of bacteria & fungus.


photo credits: Pradeep Chamaria












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