Chatpata Bong-Bengali cuisine with a twist

I have spent my childhood at Calcutta, hence all the flavors of life of Calcutta is very close to my heart. My being jumped with joy and my taste buds got impatient, when I got this chance to visit a new eatery specializing in Bengali cuisine.

So here I was at Chatpata Bong in Dwarka, Delhi, to relive my childhood flavours. This small cosy place with limited seating is started by a Bengali family. They essentially follow the recipe of highly experienced master chef MR A B Dutta. This joint not only serve Bengali cuisine with a twist but also North Indian dishes. The decor of this place is no fuss, simple, minimal and bright. An abstract wall size wall paper of Durga on one wall add the character to the theme.



This place offers different menu every day.


Let’s talk about food:

The moment I stepped in I was offered the homemade sweet n sour delicious Aam Panna with Ghugani. I loved the spicy punch in the Ghugani. Aam Panna was so refreshing that I asked for a large second serving. Next was veg cutlet, which was crisp from the outside and soft from inside, absolutely the way it should be with peanut and beetroot enhancing a distinct lingering flavour in my mouth.



Now on our table was Bong Puri and Aloo subji – The Radha Ballabhi, this dish was the hero of the meal with lentil filled fried puries and spicy dry potato sabji -aroma of the gram masala was strong and inviting. I loved it.




The main course We were served Alu Posto,  which was just about ok, Mix veg grilled salsa was also fairly ok .These vegetable preparations were served with steamed rice and rumali roti. Non-vegetarian  however enjoyed  a lot more options like, Mutton Kausa, Bhapa Elish, Grilled Promphet, Prawn Jhol, Crab Masala and crispy and flaky Mughlai Parantha, and were going gag a about it.



We concluded our meal with juicy and spongy Rosogulla and Misti Doi.



So next time when you are tired of all the fancy over hyped restaurant and looking for descent pocket friendly simple homemade food, in a simple no-frill ambience this is the place to be.



Where: Chatpata Bong, Dwarka Sector – 4

Cost for two: INR 500 plus taxes


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