chull-restro bar with a quirky touch

There is no dearth of eating joints in today’s modern village –Gurgaon .Everyday a new restaurant opens especially at sector 29,challenging the existence of its counterpart, but what matters is carving a niche for yourself  in the crowd. And there is another one to master thy art –CHULL, yes! You got it right it’s the newest baby in the block with a theme quirky and kinky expressed through the graffitis like ‘log kya kaheyenge’etc and interior of the restro bar.



Let’s talk about food:

Well here I would like to mention that I did visit this place earlier though I loved the food but had serious complains with the service and was explained that it was because of some unavoidable circumstances.

I always believe in giving a second chance hence revisited this space. This time it was for a better experience of the hospitality and service.



The food journey started with Rajma kabab –crisp from outside and soft from inside were really nice, Arbi  chaat was tangy and spicy and remind you of street food, we were also serve with popcorn to munch while waiting for our order. Next on table were Dimsums in its fried roasted and steamed avtars –I enjoyed them all. Dal makahani Fondue was an interesting take on adapting main course for the starter.




For the main course we called for Paneer Makhani  Platter,Pasta and Ghaas Phoos Burger. I would suggest avoid burger and go all for Paneer M Platter which offers one of the best Dal Makahni,Shai paneer and raita and amazingly soft Naan . I also  stongly recommend pasta which were absolutely delicious and served with garlic bread.

Kitkat milkshake was also nice .Though there were not much choice in mocktails the one I had  of  rose flavor was nice and refreshing.



The USP of the place is amazingly delicious food and the unique theme makes it great place to chill out with friends.

Where: sector29 Gurgaon

Cost:INR2000  for two







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