sunday brunch at gallery cafe -Hyatt Place

Winter season is already upon us. And with winter comes an unavoidable urge to delve in scrumptious food , specially on Sundays after a hectic working  week, yours truly believes that  restaurants  at luxury hotels understand us well and this is the reason they host  lavish brunch spreads to sooth our senses.

So last Sunday I decided to chill out with family at Gallery Café Hyatt place and enjoy the huge spread they offer for the brunch.

I always like the idea of live kitchen it somehow makes me feel of homely comforts.

So the three side open live kitchen with huge simple but elegant interiors dining area and a small bar is an ideal space to hang out with the friends and family and enjoy good food at one’s own pace and chill and re-bond with self and world.


Barbeque at the outdoor sitting area was amazingly inviting for me would be the hot spot during winter afternoons.

Let’s talk about food:

As I greedily grabbed my plate I spotted one of my friend with her friends enjoying the  brunch and on her suggestion the first thing on my plate was grilled Pear Salad and Chilly Paneer.I loved them both, especially the Pear salad was exotic in texture.

Now I was already to indulge in according to my fancy.

I Started with soup and salad and moved to stuffed grilled potato, khandvi, dhokla, and some more chilli Panner. Just to confess I was consciously choosing the healthy option of the huge brunch spread to save me from calorie guilt as I was already eyeing the dessert section.

There was lot more rich options in starters for the people not counting calories.(lucky people)

I also noticed a special counter for kiddos serving yummy pancakes and many more delicacies.


There was a counter for North Indian Cuisine as well.

I also asked for orange juice to accompany all these goodies.

I literally attacked the live kitchen to request to serve me Masala Dosa out of many choices like Pastas, ttapam etc. Dosa was served with Sambhar and Coconut chutney and was crisp with generous filling of potato preparation –Oh nice is what I uttered !



Finally it was time for dessert-yeah! The Orange crumbles, Choco-orange pastry were delicious with perfect balance of orange and choco flavours.Gulab jamuns were amazing. Kesar Kheer,  Choco cake and the Fruit Cake all look very inviting but my Tummy was signaling otherwise- so next time came my inner voice.

Just when I thought am done for the day I was called upon for cake cutting ceremony to celebrate two years of this lovely place.




What A feast! And it will surely take me through the hectic upcoming week without complain.

I surely am coming back again to indulge with my friends.

So friend if you want a paisa vasool culinary and hospitality experience at a wow ambiance, this is the place to visit.

Where:15/1, Old Delhi Gurgaon Road, Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana 122015


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