Annamaya-A European Style Food Hall

 There are places you find just about ok or you may like and may or may not visit again, and there are places you fall in love with, and you desire to frequent every now and then, well, Yours truly attended the launch of one of such magical place  Annamaya –a  European food hall style eating joint at hotel Andaz, Aerocity.

It is a standalone space at the lobby level of the hotel Andaz. The interiors are casual fun and colourful comfy and inviting with fruit and foliage wall sculpture installations, the most striking one being the huge luscious pomegranate, right at the entrance.

As I entered the space I got pulled by the desserts section on the right and believe me, it was difficult to resist to indulge immediately and I literally have to force myself to move in to witness different section of beverages, micro greens green house, bakery, live kitchen to the dining space, designed to a very informal effect. the Mismatched  colourfully patterned Khurja ceramic wares  enhanced the same feel.


Annamay is different and special from the regular eating joints in the sense that it promises to serve only Indian, local, organic, healthy and artisanal as explained by Executive Chef Alex. It is promoting Made in India that too mostly sourced from, underdeveloped, local communities, and avoid any middle man interferences hence benefiting the farmers directly. And there is stuff which can be even bought by the guest here –interesting!

Lets talk about the food:

The first thing on my table was green Salad with Goat cheese and sweet lime which was fresh and I loved the crunch. It was followed by Alovera sandwich – A grilled rye Bread topped with slice of alovera and micro greens, straight out of  in-house greenhouse. To me it appeared as an art piece and I took a while admiring it before digging into it. The unusual combination was interesting to my taste buds and also satisfied my mind for its super health quotient. I loved it instantly as am used to raw alovera bitterness, but guess for first time, it may take a while.I highly Recommend it.

Next I was served with creamy Burrata cheese with honey,  lime and roasted tomatoes served with basil naan, to accompany this I  ordered coffee pistachio lassi which had a interesting combination of flavors though a bit sour for my palate.

As I called for my cuppa I was served with absolutely yummy char roasted tender carrots with honey and onion seeds. I loved it for its taste, texture and lightness and simplicity, it was followed by super delicious caramelized butter nut pumpkin with great bite, texture and flavors. This sweet and savory dish had amazing flavors of cinnamon and ginger. Both these dishes were Dil MAANGE MORE types. Panner tikkas and the Broccoli pakoras were also nice.

As I was relishing all the amazing dishes bursting with flavors, the table attendant refilled my cuppa and yes I was impressed by the attention and service.

For the Main course I was served with snow pea pasta which was again light, well prepared simple and no fuss, followed  by Kerala rice, Tadka dal(must try), lotus stem curry. All were super delicious. The hero of this course was Tadka dal –absolutely Divine with the simplest of flavors.


No meal is complete without Desserts Annamaya offers a wide selection of the same.I was served with a platter consisting of absolutely exotic looking desserts, though tempting but I was so full that I couldn’t really taste them to review, they deserve a exclusive review. So may be next visit I will just taste them.


Here I will also like to mention that according to Chef, that the menu essentially is decided on every day basis depending upon the  availability of seasonal products, hence the authentic taste and flavor of the veggies are enhanced hence the USP of  all the dishes is freshness lightness and natural with no overpowering of  species and seasonings.


Where: Annamay Andaz Hotel Aerocity Delhi

Cost for two : INR 2500/- Plus taxes



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