Organic-GEL Hair Color -Indus Valley

Whether you’re looking for a change to follow the current trends in hair color or simply need to cover up roots, and you are heading to a saloon, actually you don’t necessarily have to head to the salon to get the hair color of your dreams which is relatively safe and chemical free, yes! go grab Indus Valley, a synonym of organic beauty and cosmetic care’s latest natural and botanical product –Gel Hair color.




Among the 60 products that Indus Valley boasts of for a complete and comprehensive beauty care solution, the Gel Hair Color by Indus Valley is its most exclusive product. It has not only received the recommendations of several doctors but also won global certifications like Bio Natural, Halal, EcoCert etc. the reason you should opt for are its unique properties. This hair color is  absolutely free from  harmful chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide, PPD, Ammonia, Barium and other heavy metals, instead it  Consist of herbal ingredients like Aloevera, Amla, Honey, Basil, Sunflower, Orange, Wheat germ which are considered to be extremely beneficial for hair care needs. It is at par with any chemical based hair color to cover grey hair. The color stays on for almost three months once applied-so so long lasting and kind of permanent .



Indus valley has also worked on the aroma and texture of the product which is gel like hence smooth and no fuss application with a refreshing aroma of orange post and during application. For more info you may check out- .




Indus Valley as an individual entity started its journey in the year 2007 and within this short span of time, it has won the trust and acknowledgement of thousands of customers. Available in more than 50 E-Commerce portals and 18 countries globally, Indus Valley’s credibility owes to the fact that it is a natural brand believing in the power of Ayurveda.



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