The G.T.Road- A 2600 KM Food Journey

When it comes to khana, nothing can be compared to the taste of rich desi cuisine. This could be one reason, we have been seeing many restaurant surfacing to offer only old-school dishes. And one of them is The G T ROAD at the heart of city –Connaught Place. They have introduced only buffet menu – which is full of Indian surprises. Including dishes of different places of entire 2600km stretch of  famous G T road.

Let’s Talk About Food !

The buffet menu takes things up a notch and transports you in a state of food nirvana. The beautiful interiors, the aroma and the description of dish hooked me tight and left me salivating till I took a plunge into their live on table Barbaque..I tried all the veg options like  AchariARIch Paneer Tikka , Teekha Laal Ananas, Aloo achari, panner tikka ,Kumbh Sabz bahar ,misti aloo bhune.

Melt-in-mouth cube of cottage cheese with achari marination was just divine. I loved their innovative mix of choices of starters. Teekha Laal Ananas won my heart and I could not resist asking for a second serving. And to compliment this welcome drink was a perfect combination.

Go for it !

Chaat  lovers don’t forget to dig into their Chaat Bar,

.Each Chaat is a must try,be it Palack patta Chaat,Raj kachori,Papri chaat,or Tokri chaat , all were fresh ,crispy sweet and tangy -absolutely delicious!

The menu is changed every 10 keep the interest going for frequent visiting guest-how thoughtful!

For the main course I tried Dal Makhani,,Paneer and Kairi launji along with Steam Rice and Masala Naan. You can imagine how delectable they were as I hogged them within the seconds of its arrival. To accompany my main course I was also served with unusual but interesting achari flavored orange Mocktail.

The main course offered a wide selection of salad, Raita and at least 18 types of veg and non veg curries. This was really impressive.

The ending was usual sweet. The focus here was on Indian sweets like Pakheeja,Rasgulla,Gulabjamun,Ras malai,Toothi from Lahore ,amazing Crisp Jelebi with rich Rabri,flovouresome Kulfi.

I really loved Afgani Burf- a vanilla ice-cream given a fresh twist by adding fresh rose petal and Kewara essence. And this marriage of flavors’ just lingers around in your mind for long.


So guys what took my heart away was the total dining experience which was flaw less. I highly recommend this place for its  vintage (vintage car displayed right at the entrance)royal and regal ambiance ,more than perfect service and huge spread of all the delicious dishes  which also includes revari Gajaks,Achhar, Murrabas served by placing them in cute corners.

Paan and Digestive chuurans served to finish off the meal just added the charm and style quotient.


One can feel the effort gone in to take care of minutest details to create  this amazing space.

Where : M Block Connaught place, Delhi.

Cost  for two     : INR 1500 approx
















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