Baris-Mediterranean cuisine

‘BARIS’ in Turkish means peace, and the moment you step in this newly launched fine dining  space specializing the Mediterranean cuisine at GK 2 ,you can feel it too.


I loved the subtle Mediterranean interiors created here with peaceful   happy and soothing ambiance. It also has a roof top dining area and the décor here is absolutely charming and romantic.


Let’s talk about food :

The moment we made ourselves comfortable we were served with welcome bread basket Served with these interesting dips–  cool cucumber ,Almond taratora,Olive oil pomoglazed dressing, each having unique texture and flavours.





We Started our formal meal with Turkish veg soup MERCIMEK CHORBA,it was Indian dal(lentil) with chunks of vegetables. It was Just about ok for me as I would proffer it to have with rice rather than enjoy it as a soup.

Next was Ceaser Salad, it was nice crunchy and fresh. And before moving ahead we were served with beet root palate cleanser in Shot glasses.




For the Starters we ordered Cigar Borek and Spinach fatayer. The Spinach Fatayer were triangular shaped crisp crust generously stuffed with a mixture of spinach and feta cheese. This was a vege avtar of meat pie which is a regular Arabian cuisine. And I liked it.

The show stopper was flavorsome Cigar borek- a crisp roll in the shape of cigar stuffed with delicious combination of feta cheese and caramelized onions. The flavor of caramelized onion lingered around in my mouth and made me greedy for more .

Both these dishes were served with a refreshing Turkish, dahi cucumber olive oil and mint preparation – The Cacik Sauce .




In the mean while we also tried Avacodo Labneh a chilled Mezze along with mock tails –Morrocan mystry and Frozen baris- basically slush served with berries.

We also ordered Sabzeli PIDE a veg Turkish Pizza,well a pizza with grilled veg  herbs and Mozzarella topping .the only thing different  from a regular pizza was it ‘s shape.




By now it was more than two hours as the service was very slow so we decided to skip the main course and move on to the Desserts .

Both the desserts we were served were excellent.  The first one we tried was Pumkin Katlana,though honestly, I was little Skeptical to try it as the idea of Pumpkin as a dessert didn’t seem too appealing, but believe me guys it  turned out to be the the hero of the entire meal –one bite and the magic happened in terms of combination of favours of honey Pumpkin vanilla and the  texture and the taste of the burned sugar crust with strawberry sorbet on the palate was out of world.

I as such love Baklava and baklava Dua served here was awesome with  pistachio  walnut and cinnamon flavors served  with ice-cream.




So all in all I would say A great tastefully done peaceful space with amazing  Turkish food  not only attractive in presentation but super delicious too is a must visit with friends and family.


Where : Gk 2 ,Masjid  Moth Delhi


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