Coastal cuisine at Nariyal cafe


Yes as I approached Nariyal Café at the third floor in the Adachini Market I was not too happy to see the shabby entrance but I felt a little comfortable as I entered the main space. Though the interiors were very simple and basic yet it was welcoming. I liked the jute coir lamps shades  and peaceful white and blue color scheme which kinda of suggestive of the Nariyal theme of the restaurant. I like the ample natural light seeping through the windows which is so uncommon these days.




Let’s talk about food:

Nariyal café is one of the very few places which specialize in coastal cuisine in the capital.

The first thing I was served with was flavored Nariyal paani served in my initials imprinted  coconut  Shell and that really charmed me. The chilled mildly mango and peach flavored nariyal paani was very refreshing  and different.\and innovative.




Next was Malay Laksa soup veg served in coconut shell again .This coconut milk lemon grass Thai ginger sprout peanut cucumber and mint leaves combination was one of the best soup I have ever had. It could be a complete meal if served in a better and generous size.


Next was forgotten grain salad-which was a combo of boiled Barley Jawar grains with few seed of pomegranate enhanced by Apple Cider dressing. I loved this simple healthy refreshing and unusual salad served very attractively on half coconut shell garnished with grated coconut.



For the starter I was served with gunpowder Paneer Tikka and Polti Idli both were again creating the music on my taste buds. I liked the cute little gunpowder coated and fried idlies served with the choice of Tomato chutney,coconut chutney,green chutney and gunpowder in Desi ghee.



I also wanted to try some shakes hence on attendee’s recommendation I tried earthquake- A Chocó brownie peanut   and ice-cream shake- exotic presentation and very rich-  loaded with calories and taste. Next time I am gonna come and only have this one and enjoy the sinful indulgence to the fullest.

Till Now the service was very good but strangely I had to wait for the main course for more than half an hour, and over all service went extremely slow.

For the main course I opted for Chettinad Veg Briyani and Coco pasta.both the dishes were served in coconut sell and were flavorsome .I cared more for Pasta,which was tangy spicy and well prepared though I didn’t experience any coco flavor as was expected going by  its name.


For the Dessert it was Murugan Chocolate Bomb –It’s always a visual treat when hot chocolate is poured over live on the chocolate ball and it open ups to more goodies. And here it was coconut ice-cream and loads of nuts and brownie chunks-sinful indulgence indeed.

All in all a simple place with soulful coastal food experience –a place not to be missed  !

Suggestion- you guys gotta really improve on their service …




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