Delicious buns and more at Papa Buns

Papa buns is a new entrant at the famous Hudson lane- a restaurant hub lane as I usually  say buzzing with young energies –Delhi University campus being round the corner. As I entered Papa Buns located at the first floor above the Phone booth café was, I was charmed by the cute little space with warm and positive energies. Simple sitting arrangement with cheerful fresco added the character to the place. This  lovely place specialize in buns which in itself could be a full meal with various choices for fillings from Chocolate to vegetables  to chicken.



Let’s talk about food:

Papa bun offers a different menu than the other restaurants around the area. and their USP is Bunny chow..The first thing We tried was their Shakes I opted for nutty brownie and my friend strawberry- both were pretty to look at and were good to taste buds..As we were sipping through our Shakes we were served with Alfredo Pasta .This pasta prepared in cheese and cream sauce with black olives and vegetable was super delicious .well all the pasta lover must go for it!



.Next on table was Papa buns Special Panner Bunny chow  -A half loaf of Bread with center scooped out and filled generously with rich aromatic Shahi Panner  Gravy served with mint chutney, salad and onion rings was not only attractive but super duper tasty with great flavors and texture.(highly recommend).  This is a fusion dishy with South African influences.





Next was Masala Panner Pizza which was crisp and loaded with toppings and twist here was in the topping itself. Chef has s tried to give it an Indian tadka   by topping it up with Masala Panner gravy .it was nice and well prepared. On chef recommendation I also tried Paan Mojito which was refreshing with balanced flavour of paan.



For the Dessert we ordered chocolate truffle and Pineapple pastries both were divine also tried gorgeous mango Mousse and it was super delicious.


This place is a cool space to not only chill out with friends and family but  to also organize  small private parties be it birthday ,anniversary or get together without digging a big hole in the pocket.  so guys what are you waiting for it go indulge.


Where: 1st Floor, B, Hudson Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi

Cost for two:INR350/-



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