Chilling out at Lords of the Drinks Barrel house

It   was a long  working week and on the Saturday I just wanted to laze around at home and relax .Got this invite to review newly launched Lord of the Drinks Barrel house at the Famous sec 29 Gurgaon.

Could not resist as somehow have missed all other outlets .Those who are ignorant Lords of Drinks is successfully serving foodies at different part of the NCR.



As soon as I entered the restaurant my lazy mood was perked up by the the ambiance. Huge two leveled Space with quirky colorful and equally huge and loaded bar. I loved the creative drift wood chandeliers. Quirky scull printed bright colored plates and coaster were adding the zing .energies were warm welcoming and enchanting.



Let’s talk about food :


I quickly parked myself on the chosen table. I was served with Pomegranate and Mint Mocktail which was very sour to my taste so I requested for another one- Pineapple and Mint cooler. This again was sour but this time I ask them to add some sugar Syrup and it became my drink. I quite like the fresh pineapple chunks in the drink. My friend ordered Strawberry and orange slush and he loved it.


We were served various varieties of Bruchette -Veg, Panner and Mushroom. They were all good and my favorite of them was veg.



Next was Soya chop served with mint chutney and onion rings. I enjoyed it for its Generous Cheese filling and spiciness in spite of me not being a soya person.

There was lots of staff but the serving was not so smooth we had to wait for good 30 minutes for the next dish and it was Veg Pizza a thin crust with zucchini and broccoli topping was a win win. I also tried Veg Dimsum served on the bed of Salas with Tomato chutney. It was steaming and soft and flavorsome.



Next we were served the signature Dish- Green tomato and Goat Cheese balls served with lots of greens was interesting in texture and flavor.



We ordered for fettuccini in cream sauce for the main course. It took another half an hour to arrive on our table and by that time I had lost interest to taste it but as a reviewer on job went ahead it was mild in flavors and a little dry to my choice.

Yeah! My favorite part of the meal Dessert- but hey wait, not again half an hour? I was running out of patience so as I was deciding to cancel my order, it was served- in a very pretty plating. I really enjoyed this Chocó Mousse generously topped with chocolate dark and white both and garnished with Walnut.



I loved this place for its quirky and creative interiors, awesome food super delicious dessert .service could have been better.


Where: Sector 29, Gurgaon

Cost for Two: INR 2200/-  + taxes (with alcohol)


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