Chill Out At Genuine Broaster Chicken

I remember the time I was studying at the North campus in Delhi. We hardly Had Any choice to chill over eats at surrounding area .but today the scenario is total contrast. Hudson Lane a walking distance from the campus spoils the students with the choice of numerous restaurants and cuisine.

The latest addition in the area is American Style –an international Chain Genuine Broster Chicken!

This small and cozy 25 sitter have all signature elements of the brand as far as the décor and ambiance is concerned. Stain glass add the contrast to white walls with chicken and egg graffiti. Rugby helmets, poster of American Singing Icons installed and gunny bags at the ceiling adds a rugged ,casual and American feeling to the place.



As usual I reached dot on the time and ordered the milk Shake –Chocolate and Salted caramel-Both were served in cool shaped bottles and were thick flavorsome and good.


I ordered a Veg Jumbo platter Which had French fries Dry Chill Panner and Jalapeño Cheesy bite(Serve in a different Platter) I quite liked the Jalapeno cheese bites.




Next was Arabiata Italiano –golden and crisp French fries with Arabiata sauce topping. I felt it’s perfect for the student who is going to be their main guest in this area.




Pizza for me was Smoked BBQ Panner – a descent pizza topped with BBQ paneer chunks .we also orderd Penne Alfredo-pasta with white cheese sauce was dry and had no flavours.  It was a total no no for me.




Palak Paneer burger was juicy spicy and creamy and very attractive with green colored buns I enjoyed it thoroughly with Chul Bul Soda( Masala Coke)




For the main course we ordered Panner Steak and Panner Masala with Laccha Parantha. Both were nice with awesome laccha parantha



Dessert were absolutely delicious- Chocolate Samaosa, gooey Lava cake and Gulukand Muffins. I loved all the three so much that I thought I should have skipped the Savory and should have gone about for two helpings of each dessert.



Yes the menu is high on Chicken Dishes as the name suggests but they are equally good in veg offerings. Do visit this place for a casual hang out and don’t I repeat just don’t forget to try  their Shakes and Dessert.


Where: Hudson Lane,Vijay Nagar, Delhi


Cost for Two: INR 500/-+ taxes



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