Hyper Local

Recently I tried out a meal at Hyper Local -a lounge and Bar is one of the newest entrants in the Food sectors in New Delhi. Located at SDA market Hauskhas.


Hyper Local has been designed in a very simple but elegant style. The entire place gives a feel of a chilled out cosy lounge with comfortable plush couches, bar tables, and a bar and is spreads over 3 levels.  Level 3 is a spacious terrace section more of a party zone. Furnishing is chic, up market and basic.
Let’s talk about food:
Hyper Local has an exhaustive menu which has a mix of street food and casual dining dishes . Different then the modern day fusion food offered at most of the new restaurants today, thrust is on Indian street food, and the presentations are simple and attractive. .
Since I was visiting a restaurant alone after a long time, I was too happy. I can try out a variety of dishes and drinks all by myself. I asked the waiter to request Chef not to over-feed me and serve me sample portions only. A special request also went to bartender, to serve me his best. I was hence served a variety of dishes, all of them veggie and of course along with the best shake.
I was served with Choco chip Brownie Chocolate Vanilla Nuts And Butterscotch shake, Absolutely gorgeous to look at and thick nutty very rich in flavors -.a must have if you are not in mood for alcohol and want to go for a Shake.
For the starter, I was served with Thai Veg Money Bag- It was quite nice, crunchy and delicious and this set up the grand evening that my taste buds were going to have. next English Baked Potato Skin was served as. two halved potato with Cheese filling was again well prepared and was served with Salad- I enjoyed it. The third starter was spicy sweet and tangy Juhu Ragda Pattice a very famous Mumbai street food .
Next I was served with Artichoke, Goat cheese and sundried tomato quiche and Bombay Masala Sandwich from the all day menu. Quiche turned out to be a big tart with Goat cheese and sundried tomatoes was great in texture and taste. Whereas Bombay Masala Sandwich became my favorite as I enjoyed this Grilled cheesy and spicy sandwich to the core.
I also tried Mocktail having a overpowering flavor of orange juice – no I am not complaining as it was very refreshing and balanced.
Now it was time for Entrée and for that I called for for Bastilla .I loved the way it was served on the tomato salsa bed with garlic bread-it was amazing in presentation texture and flavors.
I thought I had finished all my salty dishes for the day and was looking eagerly forward to savour the lovely desserts. But the chef had a different plan for me. I was now served with cottage Cheese Bao (recommended by the owners) and it was superb..
It finally was time for Mittha And I was a little disappointed as for the limited choice I was offered, though the Dark Chocolate truffle I called for was Excellent in taste and texture.
Here It is Important to mention that all along this Culinary journey I was under the impression that the portion served of each dish were sample size but on knowing that those were the regular serving portion ,I felt they were too small to serve on a regular basis even though the price is very competitive.
So my only advice for this otherwise perfect place is to rethink for the same.
Where: C 5,Main Market,SDA

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