Zabardast Khanna At Zabardast Indian Kitchen

As I used to pass by the Zabardast Indian Kitchen at CP every  now and then, the  Zabardast  word itself  used to invite me in. And on one fine day, I took time out and entered this amazing eatry-Zabardast Indian kitchen

It was as if I have entered a big arena comfort all around me. They say, You can judge a book by just going through the preface even before reading it full. And it was so true here at the Zabardast Indian Kitchen. I was damn sure of a wonderful time and a delicious meal while at the no fuss but simple and tastefully done restaurant.



The menu focused on the variety of drinks and food; essentially North Indian dishes.

I found Zabardast one of the most beautiful properties in the area. It can very easily be classified as the comfy no drama with a lovely sitting arrangement and elegant interiors. In fact the wall to wall glass windows on looking the road outside make it real stunning.

The restaurant can easily accommodate a large crowd . Zabardast has a cool loaded bar on one corner. Simple sitting arrangement and lighting is not dim hence perfect for me

let’s talk about food:

For the drinks for me it was only mocktails and soft drinks, so I  settled for some milk shakes first, and then some signature mocktails as suggested by the Bar Manager. I opted for varieties of Milk shakes first and loved them. Two of the milkshakes I tried  were Oreo Chocolate milkshake Rabri Pista, both were thick flavorsome and perfect to my taste.


For the Mocktail  I tried  Daoba cooler, a Chuski based pomegranate flavored drink instantly became my favorite.

Moving on to the appetizers, among the Vegetarian variety I ordered a platter and on my request they customized it to my preference

The platter consisted of  Kur kuri Mushroom, tandoori aloo , Hare Masalay Ka Paneer Tikka, and Malai Broccoli.  Everything on this platter was mouth-watering, as far as panner tikka; they were good, tender and the flavors came together very well.however Kurkuri Mushroom with cheese filling calls for special mention for its texture and flavour and was the show stopper.



I also was advised to taste the broccoli Kabab from the menu. The Kebabs were good, and the dip served with them added to the already extraordinary.

For the Main course I called for Dal makhani, Aloo dum ,Paneer tikka, Butter Masala,  veg Briyani and khamiri Naan. All were delicious and well prepared .


I really felt bad for wasting a few of the dishes served, but I guess that is the disadvantage of going for a food review – you get so much to eat that a lot of it is wasted.

I wanted to try the desserts now and there were interesting options I went for three flavored Kulfi I loved the fruit flavor over the Sitafal and Kesar Pista.though they were good too.


I also tried Chocolate Dhoda Brownie and it was amazing (not to be Missed AA)the baked Dhoda filling added a super sae upper element to a regular brownie.



Overall I feel that I had a great satisfying meal at the Zabardast Indian Kitchen. The service was top class; the staff wa great; the food was on table in no time and I feel that it’s a must try.  And I am surely going to recommend it to friends and family.


Where: E-13/29, Ground Floor, Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Cost for two: INR 1800/- +taxes








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