The Healing therapies @ Aahana The Corbett wilderness Resort

We all live a very stressful life these days. Huge targets to meet, family responsibilities and what not – everything takes a bite of our physical strengths and appearances. We start aging fast and developing lots of modern lifestyle disease much before our real age.

Well, health issues are life style induced phenomenon since the beginning of this world. Everyone is afraid of this but with no proper solution is available. Lots of people do try to improvise their lifestyles in order to look fit and stay healthy when they grow old. But that’s not enough and you always need a treatment to take you forward.

Yes there is solution available; there are methods in Modern Science which can solve Aging and keep you fit. But being a naturalist I would like to do it the Nature’s way, and also the fact is that chemical treatments always have side effects.

But then while surfing net I once came across Aahana Resort and Spa and their renowned health spa including many long term and short term therapies to address wellness and it got me interested. It now was on a must visit list of mine. And I made it last week to get a feel of the natural health program me they offer . Aahana Spa offers many module day long to Week long wellness which include yoga sessions to signature therapies, along with Mud therapies and other healing therapies, good for many medical conditions.

So when I was in at Jim Corbett Last week , I made it a point to visit Aahana Naturopathy Centre and experience the spa, Aahana provides various kinds of treatments in traditional ways. They offer the best of spa treatments and medicinal massages that are highly effective and beneficial. An extremely motivated and committed team of therapists ensure the highest levels in the quality of treatment and medicinal preparations. Special health and beauty care packages are specifically designed to treat modern day maladies like stress, obesity, wellness.


My day Started early morning with eye cleansing session, followed by a Yoga session.

Organic Beet root Juice after the session added to the health Quotient.


I was assigned A Swedish Massage and a head Massage which also include additional Potli massage owing to my poor Back Conditions. This Combo of these massages worked wonders and Soothed and relaxed me to the core. I felt very fresh and energetic.


Apart From these Treatment the team here also have Designed innumerable healthy innovative food recipes, Beet Root Laddo was one of these, I just loved this grated beets root honey and nuts for the crunchiness, taste and above all healthy alternative to regular desserts.

Aahana The Corbett Wilderness and Naturopathy Centre is world–class destination resort is just 41/2 hours’ drive from Delhi, the nearest railway station is Ramnagar, which is just 15 minutes away and Delhi is the nearest Airport to Aahana.


While your stay At Aahana you can also enjoy their pool, absolutely Yummy and Lavish spread at their Buffet and a jeep safari, and five star hospitality.


So friends, when you are planning a wellness break the next time, make sure that you check in at Aahana wilderness and Naturopathy Centre , and check out some medicinal benefits of spas In luxurious Environment.

Pic Credits: Pradeep Chamaria of

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