New Menu @ Molecule

What do you wanna do after a long week at office – Chill out, have a good time with friends – right guys!!!

And our team recently, on a Thursday evening went to try out the refreshing flavors and tantalizing dishes at Molecule, Sector 29 Gurgaon,from their exciting new menu.  Molecular is one of NCR’s favorite lounge and bar dining restaurants .

The décor at Molecule is both dramatic and spacious. We instantly were overpowered by the pleasing rugged look. And it took us some time to come out of the awe and settle down to look around.

At Molecule, the fusion food gets a new definition. Appetizers, soups and veggies and various kinds of meat tossed up with excellent curries, are some of the highlights of the elaborate menu at Molecule. And the multi-layered new menu is more elaborated than the regular one and is healthier and devoid of any nitrogen gimmicks.

The best thing about the dishes in this menu is this that it serves tapas dishes which are very different in taste that we are normally accustomed to, in relation to taste and idea.


Let’s Talk about Food :

Well, we started with a few drinks at the bar. We found the mock-tails section of the Bar menu somewhat limited. As usual, most of the bars do not spend much time on designing their mock-tails menu, and we, the non-alcoholic drinkers are left dry and low. Molecule also had limited choices, but we still loved the choco milkshake and   bartender special nonalcoholic Sangria, which was quite refreshing.



The new menu is curated with extra lavishness new and enhanced dishes that are a perfect blend of comfort and innovation. The detailed menu is packed with delightful textures and exciting street food Dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian are presented to give an extraordinary experience.



So our culinary journey started with Asian Golgappa Shot served w ith five flavors of paani served in test tubes with tamarind chutney and fried Aloo and what an amazing flavors guys ! . And then we relished Chole Bhature Inside Out- excellent concept; it had a authentic flavours in a modern presentation which made it great dish. A must Have !



Now was time for an exotic presentation, Arabic Acchari Paneer Tempura was served on our table. It was an exotic piece of culinary art, and tasted divine. And I loved it. It was one of the most authentic tastes



Moving on further, we tried the Edible Lava Coal and Fiery Idly-. Exotic, divine, outstanding… these were the only words that I could utter after eating the delicious Charcoal coated cheese, flavorsome, crunchy molten cheese inside the edible charcoal outer crusts. Highly Recommended.



We now turned to the oriental section and tried Crispy vegetable open Boa- a perfect combination of vegetable s and very spicy, Absolutely Divine for Indian taste buds.




For vegetarian dishes, Oriental cuisine have limited option to offer.. But the excellent work of the chefs here brought out the magic in the Chilly Garlic and Tai Basil Dim sum dishes with perfect blend of spices.


With all of our meals we always end them with something sweet and delicious. At Molecule too, we finished our meal with Molten Mango Mousse and the dessert was awesomely delicious and left us awestruck.

Well, friends, we have tried to be as experimental as possible and enjoyed the mainly the Starters at Molecule from their new menu. We hope that you too visit experiment and explore the same while being seated in the decorous ambience of one of the popular restaurants in Delhi.





Where: Sector 29, Gurgaon

Cost for Two: INR1500/- +taxes

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