Tanoshii Trail- Pan Asian automated serving Restaurant

We recently went to try out the refreshing flavours and tantalizing Pan Asian dishes at  one month old Tanoshii trails at GK ! Market from their exciting new menu.  Tanoshii Trail  is one of Delhi’s First Pan Asian dining restaurants with automated  serving concept- it takes the order   on iPads with entire pictorial menu and the food is served on conveyor belts.


Tanoshii trail offers mouth-watering dishes, dimsums and a unique mix of oriental favorites and innovative international dishes, it instantly captured the imagination of food enthusiasts all over Delhi.


The décor at Tanoshii Trail is both dramatic and spacious. We instantly were overpowered by the pleasing Oriental interiors with elaborate mural art all around. And it took us some time to come out of the awe and settle down to look around. The overall Ambiance was enchanting and inviting.


Since I reached earlier than my Partner I ordered a salad and Iced Mocha For myself considering my partner not being a salad person.

It was a fixed menu tasting table so I had to settle down for the only salad option- Yum Woon Sen; a glass noodles  tossed in spicy Thai sauce with chunks of raw onion and tomato was good in texture and taste.


By this time my partner has joined me so we called for starter like Asparagus Tempura Roll and mix Vegetable Dimsums .both were delicious

Assorted vegetable Sushi Platter was next served on our table we enjoy it too.

Veg Khao Suey, Black Pepper Ho Fun Noodles, Assorted Veggies in Bean curd Skin, Crispy Corn and Water Chestnut, a were the dishes we ordered for the main course. I liked the flavors in Assorted Veggies in bean curd Skin. However Khao Suey just did not worked for me.


For the dessert we were served with Coconut Pancakes with Ice cream. It was flavorsome and interesting dessert. What was more interesting in Dessert segment was Cheese Fusi -A Japanese dessert delicacy and it proved to be the show stopper.





Pi c credits :Pradeep Chamaria

Where : Gk ! Market,New Delhi

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