Rampur food festival @ Cafe On 3

India is not only rich in art and culture but also have an incredible   food   culture in terms of variety richness and regional influences. Every state in the country has their special food habits and food traditions, carried forward from generations. The authentic recipes and practices unique to region, tribe and families are important to be preserved and indulged.


Unfortunately  in today’s time  we are moving away from our traditional dishes and have included fast food in our daily food habits endangering our traditional culinary to fade away.


Café on 3 at the Holiday Inn, New Delhi in its effort to promote Indian food organizes Indian food Festival on weekly basis featuring different cuisines from all over India .last Saturday I got a chance to attend RAMPURI Food Festival   and Savored the authentic Rampuri traditional cuisine,


Café On three Is one of the two dining option at Hotel Holiday Inn, one of the top Luxury Hotel in East Delhi , interiors of café On  three  follows the philosophy of no fuss -Simple  modern  and comfortable. They also offer regular buffets as, along with the festival spread.

Let’s talk About Food:


As soon as I settled down the Manger greeted me and introduced me to the curator of Rampuri Cuisine festival. She along with Chef had created her amazing traditional culinary surprises for food lovers.


My Rampur food Journey started with Arbi Pakora and palak Pakora  as a starter, both were mild in term of spiciness and well prepared. I enjoyed Crunchy Palak Pakora – a palak pakora with less besan and more Palak.


We were also served Dahi Batasha, a Chaat   lover like me could not have done without second helping.


Rampur cuisine like Awadhi cuisine is more about Non Veg Food, veggies like me are left with limited options –well no complains after Dahi Batasha treat.

In the non veg starter section my friends enjoyed Kacche Ghost ki Tikki and Rampuri Fried Fish.

For the main course We were served Sukhi Daal, Chana dal Ghya, Aloo Fried And begun Bharta, the low dose of spices enhanced the natural flavor of the vegetables and pulses.



Zarda_-the sweet Saffron Rice garnished with Dry fruits.turned out to be the show stopper of the meal, with balanced sweetness and richness of Ghee.



For the dessert I was taken in by surprise as I tasted Adhrak Keer. This dish I never imagined could tantalize my taste buds by its   thick texture and the strong flavor of Adrakh. I loved this unique combination of thickened milk and ginger.(highly recommend)


I also tried Gulati Kheer –a rabri textured Kheer enriched with extra generous amount of grinded dry fruits and roasted in dollop of Ghee, yes!  One of the yummiest of the kheer  I have tasted till date.



So friends I appeal to you all to  make effort to carry forward our  rich culinary heritage your own ways and the region you belong to ,and also savor the richness of other states and regions by visiting Café on 3 at Holiday Inn , Mayur Vihar Delhi.

Where: Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar, Delhi

Pic Credits : Pradeep Chamaria for Exatraveller / Exablogs.com


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