The Dining Room-A Multi Cuisine Family restaurant

I was on an a friend’s home visit at Vjay Nagar, Delhi and in between our chatting session we kinda felt like we were starving and decided to eat out, so on my friend’s suggestion we went to this cute serene place The dinning Hall.



The Dining Hall Is a Vegetarian multicuisine family restaurant and is designed in soothing green white and yellow color tones with foliage motif wall papers all around. It instantly has calming effect, as you enter the space; the simplicity of the place adds charm to the ambiance. The Music at at The Dining room is old lyrical bollywood f fusion songs-again adds to the soothing factor.

Let’s talk about Food :

The Dining Room has an exhaustive menu. Especially in the Starter section. Besides food from different parts of India, they also serve Italian and Chinese food. They also have some fusions of Indian and Italian food.

We refreshed ourselves with a Pomegranate and Basil cooler and a Italian Smooch. We also tried Fig and Cheese Shake which was excellent in texture with chunks of figs and very thick –just the way I like my shakes

Usually I avoid Soups in the restaurant But Khow suey Being My fav I called for it, was Good in taste but lacked the authentic flavors, however Thukpa was very well prepared and yummy .

Next were platters after platters of the Starters, I loved the Jalapeño and veg lolly pops, it was crisp from the outside and soft from the inside and melted in the mouth , the amalgamation of paneer, veggie and jalapeno was just perfect.

We also loved Kashmir sheek Kabab, it was delicate in its character with great flavors. The wee bit sweetness to it took the tastle to another level.

Lahsunya Dhanya panner was a different take to our regular Panner tikkas-and boy! what flavors and aroma, a must try I would say.Such experimentation in cuisine are really welcome

Next was Angara Chaap which okayish for me.

We also got Hare Masalae Ka bhuna paneer, and Corn Cheese Ball both were good .I loved all the experimentation and variations of Paneer .

Our taste buds now wanted to try out something from the Italian section, and it was the Pizza It tasted divine.

Time for the main course now, and after having our fill with so many starters we just said plain NOOOO .( shall come back one of these day to try only main course..

For DESSERTS we ordered their signature Chocolate Gulab Jamun and Chocolate Mousses Cake both were master pieces, and tasted divine.

Where : D-2, Ground Floor, Old Gupta Colony, Polo Road, Opposite Shani Mandir, Vijay Nagar,

New Delhi

Cost For two : INR 800/-

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