Caring for our elders @EMOHA

God has not made any relation, any bond stronger than that of the one between a parent and a child. We all love our parents immensely and I don’t have words which can define the Love that my parents have for me. For me they are the alternative to God and even god once said that heavens are only at the feet of your parents.

They also say that God could not come down and live on earth and hence he sent the Mother -Father duo to take care of you who give only happiness to their children.

But the fact of life is that parents are also humans and they too grow old and need attention just like the one that they gave us in our childhood. Old age in fact is a synonym of Childhood. And they too develop these symptoms in life. They also love the homes that they have built for us and always want to spend their lives in these homes and avoid all the Elder home societies of today.

But, our professional lives take us away from homes often and also overseas at times, and our parents are left behind to lead a lonely life. In cases where only one parent is alive, it becomes even difficult as in old age they do need a companion in form of his/her son or daughter and their families. A grandchild is even more important as they say, interest earned is more valuable than the principle amount, And here I am comparing their son as principle and grandchild as interest.

The founders at Emoha Eldercare, Co-Founder and CEO Saumyajit Roy and others, inspired by the joys and struggles of caring for our own parents through their personal experiences realized how inadequate the care ecosystem for elders in India is. This realization fuelled a desire to transform the way elders are cared for… and that lead to the birth of Emoha Elder care. Emoha is all about EMOtional Happiness, and in fact it is an anagram of A-HOME and they provide healthcare and convenience services to elders in their own homes.

The team says that emergencies can happen to anyone and at anytime and the chances of emergency increase with age and that s why we need 24 by 7 emergency response services for elders.

Also with age and the fast pace of urban life we start having chronic conditions and today’s society situations create concern for safety in homes. In such a situation when everything is available at the touch of a button, why shouldn’t services for our elders be the same.

Eldercare is a big business today with the expectation of number of Indians in the 60+ age-group to double by 2030 and treble by 2050 (according to UN estimates). It is likely that by 2050, India will have nearly 340 million people above the age of 60. The need for elder-specific offerings is clearly set to grow, and EMOHA has come up at the right time to tap this opportunity. The startup, which is funded by Lumis Partners, a US and India-based investment fund, also has specialised offerings for NRI community members and corporates as part of their employee welfare programs.

IMG_8740EMOHA Eldercare provides a package of services which include healthcare management at home, convenience, engagement, providing a safety net and help in emergencies. Focussed on addressing concerns related to emergency care for elders, it is the first company in India to launch this kind of service. The engagement with elders starts with a detailed home and health assessment, to understand clinical conditions and understand potential hazards in an elder’s home. This data along with smart sensors deployed in the elder’s home allows for a 24/7 response to any emergency which may happen.

An emergency can be initiated remotely by either the press of a button or through automatic smart sensors on detecting that something is amiss, initiating a response in 15 – 30 minutes from the nearest hub. The responders are a combination of ex-defense personnel and paramedic nurses who stabilise and manage the emergency while support from local police or hospital is underway.

The responder service is targeted at five key concerns – emergency response, health tracking, home safety, life support, and engagement. The services are available 24/7 through a toll-free helpline number 1800-1378-911 to Emoha’s customers.

The set-up provides access to unique opportunities for elders to earn, learn or give back to their community in meaningful ways. Emoha ElderCare has re-engineered retirement and believes in building a community of elders who are secure, cared for, independent and find a purpose in life through the various initiatives that Emoha offers.

On occasions all the elders at Emoha are invited to a range of fun, learning and engagement events in the city, addressing the root concern of loneliness and social isolation, typical in elders. Seniors are engaged through exciting recreational events and activities curated exclusively for elders.

EMOHA Eldercare, after having launched India’s first 24/7 eldercare responder service in Gurgaon, is evaluating expansion options across major metros in India. “Right now, we want to stabilise in NCR. We are slowly looking at other cities such as Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Chennai. Punjab is on our list because the State has a large number of NRIs,” Saumyajit says.

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