get transported into your childhood at BUNTA BAR

When I got a call from my team mate, to request me to attend the review table at Bunta bar, I was l little skeptical, owing to rains and  grey sky on that day.

Nevertheless there I was at the by lanes of Janpath looking for Bunta Bar, and it was not at all a difficult address. As usual I was a bit early than the Scheduled time, so was in double mind to hang around and do some window shopping or to walk in the venue, and I decided for the latter option.

As I walked out of lift on the second floor the mural light installation on wall with marbles reflecting light amused me, main area was all installation of empty bunta soda bottles done in very artistic way appropriately describe this place. All over the place it was bunta bottles dominating, they have been integral part of arches and chandeliers




Peacocks and other motif fresco can be seen all over this place and added a kitsch feel to the ambiance.


IMG_0083 - Copy


it is a large spacious place with non-clustered simple comfortable sitting also have an open terrace area which looked as a great option in the right weather conditions,

and the most interesting wall art of the entire space, was the huge bunta bottle made of flattened utensils mostly cookers on a wall, as one steps up the stairs.




Let’s talk about food:


Though I was early ,but I didn’t have to wait ,the friendly and prompt staff immediately made me comfortable with a smile and handed over the menu for the day, I selected Banta Kala khatta, and it arrived it in its desi original avatar,which I gulped it down in one go. Surprising myself of my kiddish instinct-guess the sight of banta bottle all around and on my table transports me to the childhood memories. I also tried litchee Zeera banta drink, both drink were refreshing. They were spicy and balanced in its flavor. I also tried Aam pannaIt which was good as well though kala khatta was my favorite.




Now it was time for starter, I was not very hungry so I called for the veg platter with each piece of all the starters in the menu. – Mushroom Kakori, beetroot and cream cheese bread roll, Baingan Bharta Taco. Mushroom Kakori was a wee bit spicy for me, and the beetroot bread rolls were mini homemade version of the same, but I liked it. However Taco with Baigan Bharta toppings was the hero of the platter. I loved the innovation and it had the right infusion of spices and also had a hint of flavor of Pav Bhaji -it’s a must have at Bunta bar.




Next on the table was Palak Paneer flat bread, it was visualy inviting  extra thin pizza with Panner and Palak topping-super light but just about ok for my palate.




For sliders I had Jimmy Shammi – two mini burgers served with French fries were good.


IMG_0135 (1)


For the main course I called for Dal Makhani which was served with super soft baby naans stuffed with blue cheese and it made them really interesting. The Dal Makhani  was creamy in texture and had a strong smoked wood flavor- it made it different from what we generally have elsewhere- again a must have.




Desserts are the favorite part of my meal, and I was served with Parsi Kulfi – round flat shaped kulffi served with Pomegranate red seeds garnishing. The contrast in colors was visually very appealing, as far as the taste is concern it was nice and regular nothing special about it.The second option, Kajoor Brownie- Kismis Caramel was a big portion almost good for two was also relishing.


Bunta bar with the Good service, great ambiance great food, and all in a desi concoction is a must visit.



Cost for two: INR1300/- with alcohol

Where :2nd Floor, 76, Janpath, New Delhi

photo credits: Pradeep Chamaria of Exatraveller


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